Bideo - Plant Monitoring Mobile App

Role: UI/UX Designer, Android Developer

Year: 2020

Platform: Android

Backend: Firebase

Bideo is an agriculture mobile app that functioned for maintaning plant and farm, there are many feature such as monitoring harvest and watering, report insight to database, consult with mentor, etc.


People who want to do farming or harvesting to be easily and tidy

Main Feature

- Auth (Login/Register)
- OTP Auth
- Plant & Farm monitoring

- Report to the mentor
- Progress view to the harvest time
- etc


  • Designing app from the brief that given by client
  • Creating mind map and flowchart to understanding what client need
  • Creating wireframe to present the prototype of app before development
  • Building app with flutter and firebase
  • Integrating to firebase phone auth to get access OTP Feature
  • Developing monitoring feature
  • Knowledge Used: Java, Android Studio, XML, Shared Preferences, Intent, Git Commit/Push, Figma, UI/UX Design, etc.

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