BullyID - Psychology & Legal Consultation Mobile App

Role: Flutter Developer

Year: 2021

Platform: Android

Backend: Firebase

BullyID is A consultation mobile app which users could consult with psychologist, legal support, woman empower, etc. BullyID also provides video call feature so that users can enjoy the consult with the expert. And it provides feature for create a thread, like a forum to share their story to another users.


People who have a problem about their live, or need consult with the expert.

Main Feature

- Auth (Login/Register)
- Consultation (Using chat, phone call, and video call)
- Report a case to the expert
- Join and create a thread

- Porn Report
- ChatBot
- etc


  • Understanding the brief to build project faster and better
  • Developing using flutter
  • Integrating with Video Call Third Party
  • Integrating Notification features for chat feature using Firebase Messaging
  • Integrating REST-API from backend that client give
  • Create a chat bot for response the users that want to fast consult
  • Knowledge Used: Dart, Flutter, State Provider, Bloc Provider, Cubit Provider, getX, Git Commit/Push, Firebase, Google Sign in, Figma, UI/UX Design, etc.

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