Lelangfair - Auction Marketplace App

Role: UI/UX Designer, Flutter Developer,
Backend Developer

Year: 2024

Platform: Android, iOS

Backend: Firebase, Laravel

Lelangfair is Aution Marketplace app that provide E-Commerce Feature such as Add to cart, shipping integration, and payment gateway. This app also provides bidding feature, so that users can bid an amount and start to war the product and win the auction.


A Person at about 20-45 years old who want to buy or sell product using auction system, could be collector, etc

Main Feature

- Place a Bid
- Auto Bid
- Payment Gateway
- Shipping Integration
- Product Countdown

- Product Catalogue
- Product Wishlist
- Ads & Boost Product
- Transaction Management
- etc


  • Building an app from scratch into the "Super App" that provide a rich leveraged feature to users,
  • Developing an E-Commerce Feature such as product list, add to cart, checkout, shipping integration, payment gateway, etc,
  • Integrating Backend to REST-API with Third-Party of Shipping feature (Get Pricing, Get Location, Create Order, Request Pickup, Managing Callback etc),
  • Integrating Backend to REST-API with Third-Party of Payment Gateway feature (Get Channel, Create VA, Create E-Wallet Payment, Managing Callback, etc),
  • Building chat feature for seller and user using Firebase Cloud Firestore & Messaging,
  • Building Backend Dashboard using Laravel, Bootstrap, etc,
  • Deploying & Managing app into Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS)
  • Knowledge Used: Dart, Flutter, State Provider, Bloc Provider, Cubit Provider, getX, Git Commit/Push, PHP, Laravel (Eloquent Collection, Controller, Models, View), HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Firebase, Firebase Cloud Firestore, REST-API, Postman, Figma, UI/UX Design, Mind Maps, Flowchart, Copywriting, User persona, etc.

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