Monitkeu - Finance Record App

Role: UI/UX Designer, Flutter Developer,
Backend Developer

Year: 2023

Platform: Android

Backend: Firebase, Laravel

Monitkeu is an app that provides a feature to record finance data such as banking transaction, giro, payment, credit, debt, etc.


For personal use users who want to record their finance flow.

Main Feature

- Record finance data
- Import data from excel
- Search and sort data
- etc


  • Developing Flutter App
  • Building Backend Dashboard using Laravel, Bootstrap, etc,
  • Building Website using Bootstrap and Javascript,
  • Deploying & Managing app into Play Store (Android)
  • Knowledge Used: Dart, Flutter, State Provider, Bloc Provider, Cubit Provider, getX, Git Commit/Push, PHP, Laravel (Eloquent Collection, Controller, Models, View), HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, REST-API, Postman, Figma, UI/UX Design, Mind Maps, Flowchart, User persona, etc.

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