Sahabat Bumil - Online Reservation App

Role: UI/UX Designer, Flutter Developer,
Backend Developer

Year: 2022

Platform: Android

Backend: Firebase, Laravel

Sahabat Bumil is an app that provides online reservation for pregnant mother who want to get treatment from this clinic. This app provides lot of feature such as online reservation, reminder, usg history, etc.


Pregnant mother who want to book for reservation in Sahabat Bumil Clinic.

Main Feature

- OTP Login
- Online Reservation
- Reschedule Reservation
- Push Notification for Reminder
- Admin Page
- etc


  • Developing Flutter App,
  • Deploying & Managing app into Play Store (Android),
  • Integrating with firebase for accesing Push Notification feature,
  • Developing OTP Feature using firebase,
  • Building Website using Bootstrap and Javascript,
  • Knowledge Used: Dart, Flutter, State Provider, Bloc Provider, Cubit Provider, getX, Git Commit/Push, PHP, Laravel (Eloquent Collection, Controller, Models, View), HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, REST-API, Postman, Figma, UI/UX Design, Mind Maps, Flowchart, User persona, etc.

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